Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I want to dress lou like a peacock! I want a cool head piece made out of wire and plenty of colour to take the shape of the peacocks feathers. I want eligant face make up, deep blues black and white around the eyes. big black eye lashes and orange lips as the beack. I want something simple for the necklace like blue rope.


I want my night club to have the surreal feeling you've been shrunk. I think it would be a cool and unusual feeling. I want the space to be filled with objects that are usually ergonomically made for us to be 20 times the size. I want the atmosphere to be fun and playful. I want the fit out not to be cramped as the more space you have the more people you can get into the club, so from a financial point of view…MORE MONEY!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

MIRANDA: Electrical Forest

Electrical Forest

For my surreal night club I had several ideas for themes like an enchanted forest, secret garden, a dreamland, a circus freak theme as well as a few others. I decided on an enchanted forest, but I had to think how to make that surreal.
I decided to put old electrical appliances among the forest, pink and blue trees, a 'unicow' instead of a unicorn, cactus' and other bit and pieces that don't quite belong in an enchanted forest.

One of my orriginal ideas was to do different themed rooms but I decided not to do that as it would be hard to tie it all together into one theme. I still half achieved the different themes idea by having the dance area of the club all to do with music by having a boombox for the DJ booth and giant cassettes for the bar. My outdoor/smoking area is a computer theme with the computers for a bench, a floppy disc sticking out of a floppy disc drive as another and giant computer keyboard keys as tables. The keys can also spell out the name of the club as an added interest. The upstairs bands/alternate music area and bar was based on a television theme with the TV as a frame for the stage so it looks like the bands are on the TV, a remote control for a bench and a VCR player for the small bar.
I used clouds on the door to the club aswell as the elevators to represent a dreamlike feel when you are entering the club or the different levels. Also I noticed clouds are a repeating theme in alot of surreal works.

I chose a frame for the elevator as I wanted the elevators to look almost like windows or pictures on the wall.
I wanted the floor to almost feel and look like grass to help with the forest theme so I chose a grass green carpet which is also very hardy and easy to clean, perfect for a nightclub.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MIRANDA: Surreal Seamstress

Surreal Seamstress

For my headdress I came up with a few items I wanted to use, some of these first thoughts were of umbrellas and gas masks. I then thought about the fact I have to collect these things and the little money I had to do so. I had a look around the house and remembered I had a lot of sewing stuff, so that became the base of my final idea.

Then I had a look at what sewing things I had and found a lot of zippers, buttons, cotton reels, some knitting needles, material,

The idea of a seamstress sewing together the rips and tears in clothing and arms back onto teddy bears being like a doctor sewing peoples rips and tears and limbs back together gave me my surgical mask of zippers and safety pins. I have a lot of surgical masks around the house.

Next I wanted to make a wig and had bought a lot of ribbons and had some fluffy feather wool so that became my seamstress' hair.

My headdress needed more so I decided on making a crown out of the knitting needles, a 'pin cushion', buttons, material and some more of the feather wool.

For the jewelry I made a necklace out of safety pins clipped together.

For my make-up I have decided on painting patches of fabric on the face and possibly neck of my model so the surreal seamstress herself almost looks sewn together.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daisy Chains or Chain Smoking
This surreal headpiece will be made from things to do with smoking. ci
garettes, butts, lighters, ashtrays mmm all smelly dirty things. I'm looking to make daisy chains out of some of these objects so that from far away the headpiece will look like big daisy's but from close up you will
see the surreal dirtiness of the cigarettes etc.
I'm thinking with the make up i will either continue with the daisy's in face paint or do something horrible and try to give the look of an old wrinkled smoker.
The jewelery will also be made from things such as cigarette butts, ashtrays etc.

Here are some pictures that inspired me:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Surreal Ball Costume

Tweet Tweet.
To the great surreal ball i will be wearing a birdcage that my head will be inside of. There is going to be a bird on the other side of the cage looking in. Sorta like a joke i guess = "See how u like it now". Inside the bird cage will be also maybe a birdfeeder or seeds hanging inside of the cage. Stacy thought of an idea of having a door that opens where my partners mouth will be and act as thats how you get fed.
Im still sketching some ideas for makeup and jewellery but some of my ideas include,
Makeup- Feathers painted on face, Bird Face. I thought maybe half the face painted would look better and make a more surreal effect.
Jewellery- Bird feet necklace, Feathers, Egg necklace, Keys, Bird seed or bird food. Maybe necklace,earings,broach. But then i thought that maybe a necklace or earings would make my whole costume over crowded seeing that i have a birdcage over a head that will have makeup on so then i thought maybe either a belt,long necklace,broach, bracelet.
I will be making a protoype this week and then making my final design out of cane and wire.
Tweetle Too.
Here are some images that inspired me and images of surreal stuff.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hayley- Update on Headdress

Rubber chickens!
I have never been a surreallist so coming up with 2 concepts in surrealism ( for the headdress and the club) has been harder than I first thought. Through thumbnailing I have developed the idea of using rubber chickens to make a hat, blown out egg shells to create jewellery and am working on the makeup (possibly going with egg or chook poo... lucky suzie).
To glam it all up a bit I'm going to incorporate some adhesive diamontes to the jewellery and the makeup.The use of the eggs is reflective of the Dali building.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


so far i am aware
susie and hayley
cien and louise
are working together.
everyone else?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oriel - Surrealist Space

My space will have a topsy-turvy feel with clouds painted on the Floor. An expansive feel with Walls with distant horizons and mirage elements by incroporating large shallow pools of water. (As seen in Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane). The pools can be used as performance space, with the effect of floating on the surface. Performance incorporating light, eg. fire, will have a reflective quality. The pools will also hold clear and/or silver spheres.
A desert element with an oversized scorpion bench.
Not sure if the lounge space will be an up step or a down step ...

msilaerruS - rehpotsirhC

"Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems!"

Surreal Wearable

The headdress for my "surrealism ball" could be inspired by any number of experiences throughout my life. I like the feel of Japanese manga and anime movies/television/books, since the genre has had a large influence in my life tend to draw alot of inspiration from it in my works. One thing that popped into my mind are the masks that the black ops wear in Naruto.
and Naruto as the nine-tailed fox
Then after that there is the hand/wrist watch idea...


Using the face as a wristwatch and hands as a necklace or headdress. I do really like the more creepy side of surrealism so I would like to explore more dark sides of the spectrum.

EDIT: After doing more research and looking more into I found an idea of creating a headress entirely or almost entirely out of negative 35mm film. Then developing this idea brought back the memory of the great beatamax monster from The Mighty Boosh. A monster made completely from VHS film, this ideally would be cheaper and easy to make with more film and cost less.

Lets see how this turns out...

Surreal Day Spa

Like the headdress, in the interior I have many influences from my life experiences.
Howl's moving castle came to mind...
and also A Clockwork Orangehttp://www.sacredchaos.com/readings/tv_film/photos/kubrick_clockwork_orange_2.jpghttp://www.apparenting.com/Images/a-clockwork-orange.jpg


The Rubble Club... maybe? who knows. need more research into it.

EDIT: I have done some more research now, I can finally place more thought and word my ideas better on the internetz, so here it is...

After studying more books and comics on surrealism I found that black & white and the human body either changing or being something it is not is the most popular form of surrealism. It comes up everywhere. So I have decided to incorporate human body into the design of the nightclub, making it either similar to the comic Abstraction by Shintaro Kago

And I sparked back to the walls and such in the move The Labyrinth with David Bowie haha. Such a master. But yeah the hand walls that catch the girl when she takes the door to death, in the lying brother paradox. I was thinking of putting hair on my walls. Drooping down with eyes peering through. Showing the secrecy of hidden big brother in todays society but also showing the creeping decay of old age, as hair grows longer we all grow older. Somehow I can relate comic buildings to that concept. We will see. It's going to be interesting.
Such a master...