Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thermador or mornay?

Bronson, love the concept keep developing it to go uber surreal . here's a couple of images to wet the appetite. look what's hiding under those white gloves. look what's under the tophat! no wonder they're poking out there tongues! . have a surreal holiday. stay elegant.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello fellow oddballs,

all have at the moment for the club is the it's going to be a MULTI-LEVEL MEGA CLUB and I'm looking to Rene Magritte and Dali for inspiration. I definitely want big projector screens and surrealist films would be projected onto them. 

{to be continued...}

"Le Look"

To my dear phantasmagoric readers,

Yesterday afternoon as I popping pharmaceuticals I had a VISION. 

The head dress is to be a top hat, black, and will bare the attributes of a lobster. In the VISION I saw a ribbon around the main body of the top hat, the bow (from the ribbon) forms into two large black lobster claws. I was also considering adding further attributes like the tail into the bow.

There is a number of options I am looking at taking for the body paint part of this brief. One is to paint white gloves on each hand of the model. Another I'm looking at is a moustache painted on to the face. I was even considering making the moustache as the lobster antennas to try and run with the lobster theme.

I'm still not sure of the jewellery but I was hoping to keep with the lobster theme. I also did some searching on the great cyber web into the surrealists. While doing so I found Dali's LOBSTER PHONE and thought that was OOOOBAH COOL and pondered the idea of using the concept of it as maybe a ring... 

Or maybe a design a monocle, using a button.

Looks name: "Monsieur Lobster"

Another 100 words

Describe your intention for your surreal day/night/supper club in 100wds. Describe the space, atmosphere and the fitout.

100 words

post 100 words and images of what look you intend to wear to the " Great Surreal Ball" due 20th october, 2009