Monday, November 23, 2009

MIRANDA: Electrical Forest

Electrical Forest

For my surreal night club I had several ideas for themes like an enchanted forest, secret garden, a dreamland, a circus freak theme as well as a few others. I decided on an enchanted forest, but I had to think how to make that surreal.
I decided to put old electrical appliances among the forest, pink and blue trees, a 'unicow' instead of a unicorn, cactus' and other bit and pieces that don't quite belong in an enchanted forest.

One of my orriginal ideas was to do different themed rooms but I decided not to do that as it would be hard to tie it all together into one theme. I still half achieved the different themes idea by having the dance area of the club all to do with music by having a boombox for the DJ booth and giant cassettes for the bar. My outdoor/smoking area is a computer theme with the computers for a bench, a floppy disc sticking out of a floppy disc drive as another and giant computer keyboard keys as tables. The keys can also spell out the name of the club as an added interest. The upstairs bands/alternate music area and bar was based on a television theme with the TV as a frame for the stage so it looks like the bands are on the TV, a remote control for a bench and a VCR player for the small bar.
I used clouds on the door to the club aswell as the elevators to represent a dreamlike feel when you are entering the club or the different levels. Also I noticed clouds are a repeating theme in alot of surreal works.

I chose a frame for the elevator as I wanted the elevators to look almost like windows or pictures on the wall.
I wanted the floor to almost feel and look like grass to help with the forest theme so I chose a grass green carpet which is also very hardy and easy to clean, perfect for a nightclub.

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