Sunday, November 22, 2009

MIRANDA: Surreal Seamstress

Surreal Seamstress

For my headdress I came up with a few items I wanted to use, some of these first thoughts were of umbrellas and gas masks. I then thought about the fact I have to collect these things and the little money I had to do so. I had a look around the house and remembered I had a lot of sewing stuff, so that became the base of my final idea.

Then I had a look at what sewing things I had and found a lot of zippers, buttons, cotton reels, some knitting needles, material,

The idea of a seamstress sewing together the rips and tears in clothing and arms back onto teddy bears being like a doctor sewing peoples rips and tears and limbs back together gave me my surgical mask of zippers and safety pins. I have a lot of surgical masks around the house.

Next I wanted to make a wig and had bought a lot of ribbons and had some fluffy feather wool so that became my seamstress' hair.

My headdress needed more so I decided on making a crown out of the knitting needles, a 'pin cushion', buttons, material and some more of the feather wool.

For the jewelry I made a necklace out of safety pins clipped together.

For my make-up I have decided on painting patches of fabric on the face and possibly neck of my model so the surreal seamstress herself almost looks sewn together.

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