Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Surreal Ball Costume

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To the great surreal ball i will be wearing a birdcage that my head will be inside of. There is going to be a bird on the other side of the cage looking in. Sorta like a joke i guess = "See how u like it now". Inside the bird cage will be also maybe a birdfeeder or seeds hanging inside of the cage. Stacy thought of an idea of having a door that opens where my partners mouth will be and act as thats how you get fed.
Im still sketching some ideas for makeup and jewellery but some of my ideas include,
Makeup- Feathers painted on face, Bird Face. I thought maybe half the face painted would look better and make a more surreal effect.
Jewellery- Bird feet necklace, Feathers, Egg necklace, Keys, Bird seed or bird food. Maybe necklace,earings,broach. But then i thought that maybe a necklace or earings would make my whole costume over crowded seeing that i have a birdcage over a head that will have makeup on so then i thought maybe either a belt,long necklace,broach, bracelet.
I will be making a protoype this week and then making my final design out of cane and wire.
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Here are some images that inspired me and images of surreal stuff.

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