Sunday, October 18, 2009

Susie Beame - Surreal Supper Club & Surreal Wearable Objects

Surrealism to me is something completely new and different, dreamlike, nothing barred and something even obscure, absurd - anything goes!

After a lot of research, so many choices and of a bunch of ideals, I decided I had to start somewhere, try a few things and hope that these ideas develop and form a life of its own!

Supper Club

- Jazz/Comedy/Theatre Restaurant/Live Music/
Private Functions (Great Surrealist Ball)

Theme - Retro Funhouse

Influences - Salavador Dali, Miro, John Galliano, circus, puzzles, weirdos, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Dr Seuss, Rocky Horror Picture Show, eery 50's Funhouse, Luna Park

Colours - red, green, purple, yellow, orange, black, sky blue, strong, striking colours but slightly antique, eery, dark - retro. Also black & white checks

Possible Names - "The Clock", "Retro Funhouse", "The Maze", "Side Show", "Curiosity Show", "Shocked"

Exterior features - odd shapes, oblique shapes, odd shape windows, 2 levels with rooftop garden

Interior features -
Ground floor to have an interesting entry and  has dim light dining and a bar.  The floors black & white checks, on the walls alot of clocks, alot of doors and more doors.  Odd shaped windows. The stairs to the upper floor are melting into the lower floor and that wall is melting.  Melting tables and odd chairs.  (Maybe too much melting, we will see!).  I would like to include a faceless mannequin as a lamp.

Upstairs level to include a large bar, a stage with heavy blood red velvet curtains, some space infront of the stage for a dance floor, intimate tables & chairs. This upstairs level opening onto a rooftop garden with a maze and lots coloured lights/laterns.

Lighting downstairs mostly green and lighting upstairs mostly red.

Misc - Retro board games like Monolopy, Scrabble, Backgammon, Chess etc. available downstairs for after 12pm fun with friends.  A Retro Pin ball machine upstairs. Side show alley clown games, Carousel horse ride

To be continued...

Surreal Wearable Objects

Many ideas, but what to do?

I love John Galliano.

I have also made a huge collection of curious little old and new objects I thought could possibly be used (some not all) - buttons, feathers, lace, cotton reels, cutlery, coins, keys, ribbon, safety pins etc.


1. Headpiece made of old vinyl record singles, spray painted red or yellow
- a pendant of a few curious objects, a dice, a button, a coin etc., spray painted with lace over and hung on a black ribbon 

2. Headpiece/hat made of a very large plastic bowl as a oversized hat with various curious objects arranged/layered, lace veil attached
- Matching bracelets made of cutlery

3. Large lamp shade headpiece with lace veil and painted and decorated in a slightly odd way!
- Matching earrings made of coloured light globes

Face painting/Makeup

- Cabaret style
- Pale, almost white foundation
- strong strips of colours and silvery glittery heavy eyeshadow
- extra long jet black eyelashes
- blood red lips
- beauty spot
- blush circles, maybe

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