Monday, October 19, 2009

Like Some Crazy Dream..

'wear your heart upon your sleeve' is an old phrase that we've probably all heard before. It means to display your emotions openly. When I first started thinking of this brief i played around a lot with phrases that we may or may not be familiar with; i wanted my piece to be more than just what it looks like, i want the on-lookers to have to stare for a while, to search on a deeper level to understand. I thought it was also a great chance to reflect just how delicate and vulnerable humans really are, both physically and emotionally. Cien is my model partner, and my design should work well with her features. Cien's face will be covered in a paint/make-up design of reds and dark colours to portray a heart, veins covering her face which i think will look really awesome, especially with her right eye open - a surreal twist in the heart. The Head-dress will cover her forehead and half of her left hand side of her face. The head dress will be made in a paper mashae type way, maybe supported underneath with wire so as to sit well on her head like a hat. the head dress will be shaped into the other half of the heart and will work well with the heart design on her face, while helping people recognize the structure the heart much more. This idea also plays on the other well known phrase: to 'follow your head or your heart', using this imagery the head and the heart are the same thing. In the final photograph cien will be resting her head on her shoulder, showing vulnerability of a human being. I am still developing the jewelery piece, but i am thinking a cluster of vein like strings wrapping over the upper arm, or perhaps the neck.

The Nightclub Ball theme will be elaborately coloured and will be themed around displaying emotions. Perhaps designed as though inside a human body, or i can imagine lounges shaped into lips or an open hand; things which reflect human confusion in emotion or ourselves physically.

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