Monday, October 19, 2009

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"Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems!"

Surreal Wearable

The headdress for my "surrealism ball" could be inspired by any number of experiences throughout my life. I like the feel of Japanese manga and anime movies/television/books, since the genre has had a large influence in my life tend to draw alot of inspiration from it in my works. One thing that popped into my mind are the masks that the black ops wear in Naruto.
and Naruto as the nine-tailed fox
Then after that there is the hand/wrist watch idea...

Using the face as a wristwatch and hands as a necklace or headdress. I do really like the more creepy side of surrealism so I would like to explore more dark sides of the spectrum.

EDIT: After doing more research and looking more into I found an idea of creating a headress entirely or almost entirely out of negative 35mm film. Then developing this idea brought back the memory of the great beatamax monster from The Mighty Boosh. A monster made completely from VHS film, this ideally would be cheaper and easy to make with more film and cost less.

Lets see how this turns out...

Surreal Day Spa

Like the headdress, in the interior I have many influences from my life experiences.
Howl's moving castle came to mind...
and also A Clockwork Orange

The Rubble Club... maybe? who knows. need more research into it.

EDIT: I have done some more research now, I can finally place more thought and word my ideas better on the internetz, so here it is...

After studying more books and comics on surrealism I found that black & white and the human body either changing or being something it is not is the most popular form of surrealism. It comes up everywhere. So I have decided to incorporate human body into the design of the nightclub, making it either similar to the comic Abstraction by Shintaro Kago

And I sparked back to the walls and such in the move The Labyrinth with David Bowie haha. Such a master. But yeah the hand walls that catch the girl when she takes the door to death, in the lying brother paradox. I was thinking of putting hair on my walls. Drooping down with eyes peering through. Showing the secrecy of hidden big brother in todays society but also showing the creeping decay of old age, as hair grows longer we all grow older. Somehow I can relate comic buildings to that concept. We will see. It's going to be interesting.
Such a master...

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