Friday, October 16, 2009


Surrealism to me is a concoction of random things put together to evoke a question of thought and a sense of amusement.

After coming up with an idea for my costume I was then thinking about what could do for my nightclub, as I wanted it to be a similar theme but keep it random. I wanted it to be 2 levels but I wanted the top level to be ground level and the bottom level to be a more of a basement level so that when people walk in its more of a “wow” this is bigger than I thought. Was also think of having like a water feature (pool/fountain) in the middle of the room and having a ramp going down stairs under the pool. I wanted the pool to be a fluorescent blue with lighting or something and there to be almost a highlight green somewhere else. I also want to use discordant colours to create an unusual feel.

For upstairs flooring the use of see-through material so you can see downstairs, to make people actually feel like they are dancing on a roof.

The only thing I had thought of for lighting was for the downstairs area. Having cats as seats upstairs with plastic wiring coming out of their feet that intertwine and create a sort of chandelier. First of all I was thinking upside down candles that had and immense amount of fire to keep them a light but then realised that may not be so safe. For upstairs I am still not sure about lighting.

I want upstairs to be more of a bar and then they pay to get downstairs which is where the nightclub would be where all the dancing and so on happens. But there will be one bar upstairs and one downstairs so that people are able to buy drinks in both areas without to much hassle.

I have also thought about the theatre thing and I am still not sure will I should turn one half of the upstairs into live entertainment and the other half being the bar area. As I’m not sure whether that would be enough space but it would attract a broader amount of customers.

As to my idea as I feel it is to be random so it will come together as one as my ideas are.

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