Sunday, October 18, 2009

Surrealism & Headress

wow am thinking heaps of elaborate ideas. Lots of movie scenes have come to mind which have been my inspiration such as scenes from 300, Lord of the rings, The promise, a lot of japanese influences aswell, they have some spectacular costuming and headdress wear. I didnt want to do to much research on this as it becomes to confusing with some many objects to look at and then too many ideas can come to mind.


Have had some trouble with what to do for this one, but am going to stick with the nite club model with split levels. Mmmmm not sure bout details yet? Still thinking? I do have a few ideas which are of a planetry system or of a star constellation forming as part of a surrealist ceiling in the model.

Am liking alot of salvador dali's work.

Love the idea of the clouds forming the balloon, looks awesome.

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