Monday, October 19, 2009

Oriel - Surrealist Look

Initially interested in a Candelabra Headress, with jewellery bracelets on each arm - one a candle snuffer, one a box of matches. Make-up to include tears.

Then, extended into an Anthropomorphic bent. With influence back to my Ancient Siberian tattoo blog from Term1, I was interested in creating a human/animal Look. The candelabra is then also a set of antlers, the jewellery is made of chandelier crystal pieces (bits of which would also hang in the antlers). Make-up: a deer's face with some ornate patterning in gold on the forehead.

However, I've had a sheet of wooden clothes pegs sitting on my table for most of the holidays, which I keep picking up and playing with ... so I would now like to work on a headress made of pegs, to shaped like a birds wing. the pegs will be painted/decorated. The jewellery yet unknown. The make-up: to include bird features combined with classic western female's make-up.

So, still human/animal-bird mix.


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