Thursday, October 8, 2009

Surreal Interior

The vision for my multi-leveled club begins with inspiration from two sources; the surreal 'Garden of Eden' surroundings of Cloudland and the dark, seamy atmosphere of the Moloko Vellocet, as seen in the 1971 Kubrick film "A Clockwork Orange".

My initial ideas for the layout includes a large ground floor space, consisting of bar area and a dance floor that is dropped down one step. Downstairs, in the basement, you will find a dark, private room with curtained off bed/lounges, a wall for film projections and a small bar.
I will, perhaps, separate the levels according to the "looks"; the ground floor based on the 'Eden' theme, with a slide back roof top to bring the outside in, and the basement concentrating on setting the dark mood of the Moloko Vellocet.

I also like the 60's inspired sculptural light fittings and the use of mirrored walls to expand a space beyond it's limits.

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